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About us

Medium3 is a professional design studio composed of web consultants, creative graphic designers, developers. Customer orientation and top knowledge in the fields of informatics, internet, marketing and design, allows meeting the needs of our customers.

The fundamental value of our studio is the practice of the commitment to transfer businesses online, through various forms and models, with the ultimate goal of increasing the business performance of companies. At the same time, we place special emphasis on the design of our web solutions in order to present your company uniquely and creatively.

Our business approach and twenty years of experience guarantee the development of professional web solutions and customer satisfaction.

Our mission: to create a unique effective business identity for our customers and web applications that meet their needs, through the use of modern technology and Internet communication.

Why choose Medium3?

With Medium3 you get a reliable partner for the development of your business, with whom you can easily contact and achieve your goal.

It turns out that companies like Medium3 are better partners for developing business ideas both in terms of cost reduction and better communication.

With Medium3 you get:

  • Flexibility
  • Excellent communication
  • Quality end products
  • Support and consultation


Websites and web applications

As a professional web studio, we offer specialized web solutions depending on the ideas and wishes of the clients, but most importantly, we deliver them as ready-made solutions quickly and on time. Whether you are a small or a large company, Medium3 can help you with your online presence by creating web solutions that will meet your requirements and the demands and expectations of your customers.

If your goal is to present information, products, e-commerce or any other online services, then we assure you that your website visitors will enjoy an intuitive, unique and most importantly easy to use web solution. We achieve all this with a combination of the expertise of our graphic designers, specialized developers, business managers, etc.
Depending on your needs, our web solutions include software for updating your web site content, called the Content Management System - CMS.

Our content updating software offers you complete control over the entire portal. You can create and import new products / services, new content, etc.

Also, all created pages can be edited in a simple and easy to use editor (very similar to using Microsoft Word) and only through your browser (without the need for additional software).

Our web solutions include the following parameters:

  • Making professional and unique graphic design
  • Database implementation: MySQL, MS SQL
  • Professional and optimized programming: php, JAVA, JavaScript
  • Submitting to world-renowned search engines as well as web solution optimization in order to always be among the top search results

The website can use and supplement all existing forms of promotion that you have practiced so far. But it also offers a whole new dimension to information presentation, including dynamics, connection and presentation of multimedia content.

Graphics design

In the modern information society we come in contact with a huge number of visual messages and information every day. Graphic design is a way of visual communication in which text and images are used to present information in the best possible way.

Our team of creative and innovative graphic designers creates professional, unique and inspiring graphic solutions and materials. As a user-oriented studio, Medium3 fully meets and realizes your requirements and needs in order to achieve maximum success and realization in the desired goal - successful communication with the target group and visual presentation of your information, services and products.

Our team of graphic designers professionally creates and designs all kinds of graphic materials such as posters, brochures, advertising materials, promotional materials, illustrations, logos, business cards, etc.

Corporate identity

Business identity involves making a complete solution for business users and companies. The complete business identity includes making: Logo, Business Cards, Memoranda, Envelope Design, Folder Design.


The logo is the first reason for creating a business identity. Professionally designed and visually appealing logo is one of the basic prerequisites for enticing more customers. Medium3 creates impressive logos using different styles, while respecting the directions and field of action of our clients.

Business cards

Business cards are part of the business identity. Medium3 has unlimited possibilities in making this type of business identity. The solutions are unique, professional and visually appealing.



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